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Swan Class - Multiplying Decimals by Integers using a Formal Method. 


Today, we will be progressing our learning from Friday about multiplying decimals by integers. We will now have a look at a formal method to use when the integers are larger than one digit, or the decimal has more digits than two. We will be refreshing our knowledge of compact multiplication (column) and using that skill to help us multiply decimals with integers. We will then move on to long multiplication. Follow the video through and complete all of the tasks required. If you find that the challenge is a little too great at any point, stop and have a go at the sheets provided. Some of you will prefer to stop at the point where we get to long multiplication. As long as you understand the compact (column) method, you have a formal method to use. If you feel confident and are up for the challenge, proceed on to the long multiplication as this is a target for Year 6 so you will come across it in Year 6 questions. We have also learned it before. The only difference is that this time we have a decimal point to deal with. Work through the lesson to your own level and choose the follow-up sheets that you can work through confidently. 

Multiplying decimals by integers formal

Fox and Magpie Class


Percentages - Missing Values 


Good morning. Please watch the video below that explains the learning for today's lesson. Watch the second video that explains the tasks for today. 

Percentage Missing Values Intro

Percentage Missing Values Task Explained.mp4

Still image for this video