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Swan Class - Subtracting Decimals


Today, we will be working on the inverse of our lesson from yesterday. We will be subtracting decimals. We will be looking at a number of methods that can be used to subtract decimals from decimals and decimals from whole numbers. This will then be carried on to look at how this works in the real-life context of getting change when going shopping. We will learn how to find change when buying one item and then challenge ourselves to find totals and then find change (two-step problems). Work through the tasks in the video and then use the price list to go shopping with £30 and find the change when you buy items of your choice. If you would like some extra work around this, complete another sheet to help you build your confidence. 

Subtracting decimals

Fox and Magpie Classes:

Percentages of Amounts.

Good morning – today our lesson is about working out the percentage of a whole number again. If you need to please spend more time on the fluency part of this from yesterday’s lesson. Otherwise please feel free to watch the two videos below. One walks you through the varied fluency tasks and the other one goes through the reasoning questions for today. You will notice that there are no answers for the varied fluency today and there is one missing from the reasoning task as this will be discussed during Friday’s registration time.

Percentage of Amount Varied Fluency.mp4

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Percentage of Amount Reasoning.mp4

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