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Swan Class - Rounding Decimals


Today, we will be using our place value knowledge to round decimals. We will be rounding to the nearest whole, to one decimal place and to two decimal places. We will look at the strategies that we use and you will have a chance to work through some examples. Have your colouring pens or pencils at the ready: they will help you.  We will work through some simple rounding, recapping the rules along the way and then move on to some problems. Follow the video through, complete the tasks and pick some sheets to extend and consolidate your learning. Choose the sheets that you can do to give you the best support and opportunity to challenge. You do not have to complete all of these sheets.

Rounding Decimals

Fox and Magpies


Ordering Fractions Decimals and Percentages


Good morning! Today we are looking at ordering fractions, decimals and percentages. For this we will be using a lot of our prior learning from yesterday and last week. 

Please watch the introduction video which explains the processes and has the main fluency task within it. Following this you can watch the second video which explains the second task saved below. You will be using your problem solving skills to complete grids ensuring that within every row and column the fractions, decimals and percentages are in the correct order. There are 3 challenge levels so chose the one you want to start with. You can have a go at completing as many grids as you like. Good luck! 

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