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Swan Class - How do we compare and order decimal numbers?


Today, we will be continuing our learning around decimal numbers to 3d.p.. We will be using our learning from last week and using our place value knowledge to compare and order a variety of decimal numbers. It will be important for you to apply your place value knowledge to do this accurately. We will be ordering numbers in ascending and descending order. We will then move on to some problem solving around this topic. Follow the video through completing the tasks within and then consolidate your knowledge with the sheets below. 

Order and Compare Decimals

Fox and Magpies:


Fraction Decimal and Percentage Equivalents


Please see today's introduction video which shows demonstrations of how to work out equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages once you know one. 

After viewing the introduction video - please watch the second video which explains the tasks that have been set for today. 


Fox and Magpies - Fraction Decimal and Percentage Equivalents

FDP Activities Explained.mp4

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