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Swan Class - What are decimals?


Today, we will be looking into the basics of decimals to 3 decimal places. We will learn to read and write decimal numbers and to understand the value of each digit after the decimal point. This will lead on nicely to partitioning and some problem solving. By the end of the lesson, you should know more about decimal numbers and be able to explain the value of the digits in any number up to 3d.p. Follow the activities on the video and follow me as I introduce you to the learning in a step-by-step approach.

What are decimals

Fox and Magpies: 

Converting Fractions to Percentages. 

Good morning - your math lesson today is all about how to convert a fraction into a percentage. Please watch the introduction video and the 2nd video which goes through some questions. There's a fluency activity for you to attempt too. 

Converting Fractions to Percentages Input.mp4

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