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Swan Class - How do we divide fractions by integers? 


Today, we are looking at how to divide fractions by integers. Follow the video through completing the warm up and practice tasks before you apply your skills to the sheets below. You will be able to use your multiplying fraction skills to help you divide fractions by integers through inverse. When you are confident, move on to problem solving.

Dividing fractions by integers

Fox and Magpies - How do we convert decimals to fractions?


Good morning! Please watch the below video from Mr Hunter as an input into how to convert a decimal number to a fraction. After you have watched the video please attempt the activities below. Begin with the fluency questions. There are 3 levels - please select the level you are happiest with - if it is too challenging or not challenging enough then change your level. You do not need to answer all the questions. When you feel confident enough; have a go at the reasoning questions. Please use the mark scheme to self-assess your learning. 

Fox and Magpies - How do we convert decimals into fractions?

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