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Swan Class - Multiplying Fractions by Integers


Today, we will focus on multiplying fractions by integers (whole numbers). You will use your skills multiplying fractions to help you with this, although you will have to convert your whole numbers into fractions first. The video will take you through the steps. After this, you can have a go at some calculations and problems around this skill. 



Multiplying Fractions and Integers

Today we are using division with remainders. This will help us to further understand fractions and decimals. 

There are 3 videos from Mr Hunter. The first one explains the process of dividing and how we can write the remainder. The following 2 videos go through a reasoning question. 

Below the videos are the activities. There is a division fluency activity. Please select your level - 1 star, 2 star or 3 star. If you start on a level but find it too challenging or not challenging enough then pause and move on to a different level. You do not have to answer questions from every single level. As you are told in the classroom do whatever is best and most appropriate for you! 

There is a mark scheme for you to use and self-assess your learning. 

Division with Remainder Input.mp4

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