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Learning Project

What food did the Maya grow and eat? 


Today, we will be looking into traditional foods that were grown by the Maya civilisation. They were said to be expert farmers and we will be examining whether this was true and why. We will also look into a certain drink that you might recognise today. As you go through the power point, think about how the foods were different, or similar to foods that they eat in Mexico today and even foods that we eat in the United Kingdom. Have modern foods and dishes been influenced by the Maya? You will need to write back to Sir Winston, who is really enjoying your research and finding it helpful to develop his Maya theme park. You will also have the chance to make some hot chocolate worthy of the Maya gods. Use the power point, recipe and video to help you out today. Remember that you do not have to complete all of the tasks, particularly the extra tasks. Choose what is achievable and also try to complete a range of different activities - the practical tasks can be just as important as the written. The main thing is that you are building up your knowledge of Mexico and the Maya civilisation. 

Miss Ramsay Making Maya Hot Chocolate