Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

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Learning Project

Planning a Mexican Event


Today, we will be using our learning from yesterday about festivals to plan our own Mexican event. This event will be a huge, extravagant affair - money is no object! You will be planning the event of the century! You have to put yourself in the role of event organiser. You must think about decoration, food and drink, music, entertainment and venue. Today we will be writing this all out in a plan, drawing up a timetable for the event, drawing a map of the venue, creating a tantalising Mexican menu and even cooking up some Mexican chilli to test out on your family before the big event! You need to plan in detail as you will be using this information to create an informative leaflet about the event tomorrow. Have fun and be creative!

Before making chilli, make sure that you have a parent on hand to help and that you have asked for their permission as we will be using the hob, which could be dangerous. 

Miss Ramsay Makes Chilli Con Carne