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Learning Project

How do we write a balanced argument? 


Today, we will be strengthening our for and against arguments around the question 'Should Britain go to war with Germany?'. You have already gathered a good evidence bank and today we will be ensuring that it is full enough to write a quality balanced argument. Remember that you are in role as a Secret Service Agent and will have to present your balanced argument in a letter to Neville Chamberlain. We have to make it unbiased (not give our own opinion) because he will need to make the final decision. We are presenting the facts for and against. You will spend some time strengthening your arguments. Then you will put them into a clear plan, working out how you will structure your letter in paragraphs. After this, you will have a go at writing some sentences using sentence openers that will help you present a balanced argument. Use the ideas in the PowerPoint, the template and the exta PowerPoints to help you. Tomorrow, we will be writing the letter during our registrations in a 'Live Write'.