Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Learning Project

Who was Hitler? 


Today, we will be learning about the dictator (very powerful and feared leader) that was Adolph HItler. We will have a deeper look into his background, how and why he came to power and some of his beliefs. We now know that he was an incredibly evil man, however It is important to learn about Hitler and the Nazis to have a greater understanding as to why the German people voted for them and how they began World War Two. It should also give us a greater insight into why other countries might have felt the need to go to war with Germany based on their leader. You will be writing your research into a character profile (sort of like a character description for a real person, so it will be more factual - like a biography). You will include information about who Hitler was; what his background was like; why he rose to power so quickly; what he believed; what he wanted for Germany; and include a bit of knowledge about the Nazi party. Make sure that you read the PowerPoint through and watch the clips as some of them will give you an insight into Germany during 1939.