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Learning Project

How do we help our heroes begin their quest?


Today, we will be moving our heroes forward and giving them the opportunity to interact with other characters. They will need to interact with their villain and be told about the quest, in order to move forward, and also visit the gods for guidance. We will need to make these interactions realistic, dramatic, emotional and purposeful. You should include correctly punctuated dialogue today, but make any speech purposeful. Don't go off on a tangent. You may like to spend some time jotting down the two conversations and the emotions that will be involved. We want our characters to leap off the page and for the plot to move on through these interactions. I am looking forward to reading your next instalments. Don't forget to edit as you go and follow on carefully from anything that you have previously written. Now is the time to showcase your amazing vocabulary and punctuation, so don't forget to use it! Happy writing. Remember to keep the tone dramatic, epic and Maya themed.