Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Humanities- History and Geography

At Holy Trinity Primary School, for History, we want children to be interested and excited to learn about the past. We do this by encouraging children to ask and answer their own questions linked to their history topic and by using a range of resources that will bring history to life, for example photographs, workshops, diaries, newspaper articles, music and handling real objects from the past.

As Dartford is such an historical town we would want the children to be aware of the rich and wide history that can be found. The town has history dating back to the stone age. There are so many local history stories that these should be developed in the classroom and interlinked with topics where possible.

For Geography we feel it is important to nurture and encourage that natural curiosity, to shape and direct it to turn the children into inquisitive, questioning learners who look closely at the world around them and begin to be able to interpret what they see. As a whole school we look at countries around the world and learn about the similarities and differences between British culture and others.

We also aim to instil in children a sense of environmental responsibility and encourage them to understand environmental issues at a local and global level. We will develop an Eco-Committee to look at important areas such as our energy efficiency and reducing litter around the school.

We hope to motivate and inspire our children to find out about their world, both physical and human, so that they can take an active part in contributing to and protecting this world as they grow up.