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At Holy Trinity Primary School, for History, we want children to be interested and excited to learn about the past. We do this by encouraging children to ask and answer their own questions linked to their history topic and by using a range of resources that will bring history to life, for example photographs, workshops, diaries, newspaper articles, music and handling real objects from the past.

As Dartford is such an historical town we would want the children to be aware of the rich and wide history that can be found. The town has history dating back to the stone age. There are so many local history stories that these should be developed in the classroom and interlinked with topics where possible.

Celebrations and Events



Holy Trinity : Remembrance Day Worship by Miss Gold

Today Miss Gold led a beautiful Remembrance Worship for the children and staff. She explained to the children why we have poppies as a symbol of remembrance and who we remember on this special day. It was a wonderful assembly and the children were very respectful. 

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WW1- Wilfred Salmon and Our Local Heroes


Since September, Y6 have been working on how WW1 shaped the lives they lead today in Dartford.  They have looked at the role of women in WW1 and the children have been taken to parliament to learn about the suffragettes and the election of Nancy Astor as the first sitting female MP after the are ended (100 years ago this year).  Children have undertaken a WW1 walk of Dartford and discovered about suffragette protests in their town and reflected on four ex pupils from their school on the Dartford War memorial.  On Remembrance Day they will be visiting Westminster Abbey's Tomb of the Unknown Warrior and will take part in a service around it for 2nd Lt Wilfred Salmon. As you may know, Salmon's story is one of the most significant stories from Dartford during WW1.


Children have used archive sources to piece together the story of Australian RFC pilot Wilfred Salmon, who was based at RFC Joyce Green and was killed trying to defend London from German Gotha bombers in July 1917.  Salmon's funeral service at Holy Trinity Church was followed by a procession to Watling Street Cemetery.  It was the biggest event to take place in Dartford during the Great War involving thousands of local men and women as well as many Australian servicemen .  The 1917 Gotha raids led to the creation of the RAF, the alteration of the Royal family's name from Sax Coburg-Gotha to Windsor (they didn't want to be named after a German bomber!!)  and the creation of the Vickers Vimy. The Vimy made its first flight at Joyce Green In November 1917 and this year sees the centenary of the first trans-Atlantic flight and first England to Australia flight in a plane celebrated on the One Bell Corner wall mural. To commemorate this and to raise awareness of the role women played in its construction locally, a hundred children will work with MOD Theatre Company to perform Ballarat Jackeroo in Dartford's parish church, Holy Trinity on Friday 8th November. 


This is the way the children will pay respect to the people who lost their lives in war for us. 



Black History Month, October 2019


October is Black History Month. This national celebration aims to promote and celebrate Black contributions to British society, and to foster an understanding of Black history in general. At Holy Trinity we want to celebrate Black history in Britain. Black people came from all over Europe and Africa and settled in London where their presence is significant but little known. The presence of Africans in England dates back to at least Roman times when African soldiers, who served as part of the Roman Army, were based at Hadrian's Wall during 2nd century AD! At Holy Trinity this month every class will be learning about great British Black Pioneers and their impact on society and celebrating our multicultural school.

Black History Month 2019

Poem by Demi Year 5 

Windrush Generation

Windrush generation

Went across the nation

Left their home and family,

To what England called fantasy.


They worked for money,

Even though it wasn't sunny,

They came for a better life.