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Swan Class - Homophones 


Today, we will be continuing to learn about homophones, particularly ones that are often confused in writing. Follow the video and complete the tasks about the different homophones. Hopefully after this lesson, you will never muddle of or off again!

Homophones III


Hi Fox Class. Now that you have a secure understanding of word classes and phrases we are going to move on to looking at clauses. In the video below you will be reminded of the three different types of clause and how to use them. Once you have watched the video, open the power-point and click on the link to take the quick quiz on clauses. 


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Magpie GPS Formal and Informal Language.mp4

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Today, Magpies, we are looking at formal and informal language. Please watch the above video and then attempt the tasks below. Here you will be able to practice writing in the various styles.