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Swan Class - Homophones


Today, we are going to be continuing with homophones and thinking about specific ones: there, their and they're; to, too and two and where, wear and were. Follow the video through to work out how we differentiate between using each spelling. You will be completing activities and writing sentences to help you remember when to use each spelling of the word.

Homophones II

Magpie Class Modal Verbs.mp4

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Magpies: Your GPS lesson for today is all about Modal Verbs. Please watch the video above. If you need to use it the PowerPoint that features in the video is below. There is a task on a document below as well as example modal verbs for you to use if required. 
Word Classes and Phrases. 

Today's GPS lesson will focus on word classes and phrases. Watch the video below then try to complete the activities beneath the video. Remember if you have any questions or need any help, you can email me using the email address on the front page. 

Word Classes and Phrases.mp4

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