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Swan Class


This morning, we will be looking at homophones. What are they? Why do we need to know and recognise them? You will need to work through the video below, which will take you through some different examples of homophones and the activities will make you think about the correct spellings for pairs of homophones. You will spend some time matching correct spellings and using homophones in sentences and then move on to some games, poetry and other related activities. Follow the instructions on the video. Enjoy!


Fox Class - Formal and informal language. 


Today's GPS lesson will be focusing on identifying and using formal and informal language. Watch the video clip, going through the power-point slides, before moving on to complete the attached activities. Don't forget ifyou have any questions to email me. 

Fox Class - Formal and informal language..mp4

Still image for this video

MAGPIES: Please go through the above PowerPoint for an introduction on auxiliary verbs. On most slides there is audio. If it doesn't start automatically please click on the symbol. Please listen to all of the audio before moving onto the next slide - please feel free to pause if you need to as well. 

There are two activities; if you are feeling confident then start with Activity 2. If you require some additional practice after the PowerPoint then start with Activity 1. Please use the mark schemes to self-assess your work.