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Swan Class - Word Families


Today, we will be learning about word families. These are groups of words that have the same root word, prefix or suffix. If we know some of the words in their word family, then we are often able to work out the meaning of a specific word using clues in the way that it is written or spelt. Knowing word families also helps us to spell similar words correctly. Work through the video and build up your knowledge of some of the common word families. Can you think of any more that you know? 

word families

MAGPIE CLASS - More Vowel Sounds


Good morning! In today's lesson we will be looking at the final group of vowel sounds. These sounds are different to the ones we've been looking at recently as there are multiple letter combinations that create a sound from two letters. For example: the "oo" sound will not always be made up of the letters "oo". The video investigates this further. All of the learning activities are contained within the video. 




Good Morning Fox Class. In today's GPS lesson we are going to be reminding ourselves how to redraft our work. By the end of today's lesson you will be able to: explain what redrafting is; know why it is important to redraft our work and have a go at redrafting your own writing. Watch the video below and complete the activities. 


Still image for this video