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Swan Class - Expanded Noun Phrases


Today, we will be looking into what an expanded noun phrase is; how we write them; and how we identify them in writing. You will spend some time forming your own expanded noun phrases using a simple step-by-step method. This will help you in your longer pieces of descriptive writing. Use the video and work through the tasks first. If you feel that you would like some extra work around expanded noun phrases, I have also attached some sheets to complete.   

Expanded noun phrases

Imperative Verbs. 


Good morning Fox Class. Today's GPS lesson will be recapping imperative verbs. In this lesson you will recap what imperative verbs are, how to use them and which text types it is appropriate to use imperative verbs. Watch the video below and complete the tasks set. 

Imperative verbs.mp4

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Good morning!! Please view the videos below to find out about our GPS lesson today. 

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Part 2.mp4

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