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Swan Class - Determiners


Today, we will be looking at determiners. You will be identifying the different types of determiners, using them correctly within sentences and have a better understanding of how to locate them within sentences. Watch the video and complete the tasks as you go along. There are also some sheets to help you consolidate your understanding. These only need to be completed if you want some extra work on determiners. 



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Please watch the video to find out about your learning tasks for GPS today.

Complex expanded noun phrases.


Good morning Fox Class and welcome back, I hope you had a very restful half-term. For today's GPS lesson we are going to be revising complex expanded noun phrases. In this lesson you will be reminded of what an expanded noun phrase is, how to identify them and what is need to create a complex expanded noun phrase. Watch the video below and carry out the activities on the slides. 

Complex expanded noun phrases.mp4

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