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Swan Class - Co-ordinating Conjunctions


Today, we will be learning about co-ordinating conjunctions. We will be learning how to identify them and how to use them within sentences. We will be linking this to our learning about clauses and tomorrow will move on to subordinating conjunctions as it is important to know the difference. Follow the video through and complete the tasks. 

Co ordinating Conjunctions

Speech Punctuation. 

Good morning Fox Class. In today's GPS lesson we will be continuing to learn about speech. We will be focusing on speech punctuation and by the end of the lesson you will know: how to punctuate direct speech accurately; what a reported clause is and how to start a new line for a new speaker. 

Watch the video below for an introduction to speech punctuation and complete the activities on the slides. Once you have watched the video, click on the link to take a mini test.  Don't forget, when completing the quiz, you must answer all of the questions including the one asking your name. 

Speech Punctuation.mp4

Still image for this video

Magpie Class


GPS Assessment Part 2


During this week we will be going through a mini assessment each day to check in on your learning across this term. 

Please attempt to answer all the questions from each day in 10 minutes - but if you need a little longer please do take the additional time. 

Please do your best to send in your answers each day so that they can be assessed by myself. Please feel free to answer the questions in whichever style is best for you.