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Swan Class - A Range of Punctuation


Today, we will be bringing together all of our learning about different types of punctuation. You will spend some time going through questions to assess your knowledge about individual marks and then move on to creating a game which involves all of the punctuation marks. This will give you the opportunity to have some fun with punctuation whilst also practising the skill of using it correctly. Work through the video and use the pdf.s to support you when answering questions and creating a game. 

Range of Punctuation



Good Morning Fox Class. Today's GPS lesson will be focusing on commas. By the end of todays lesson you will have revised: using commas to separate items in a list, break up longer sentences, after a fronted adverbial and to indicate parenthesis. 


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Magpie Class


Prepositional Phrases


Good morning Magpies! Today we will be building on our learning from yesterday and looking at prepositional phrases. You will learn how these are formed and what they include. By the end of the lesson you will be able to identify them and use them in your writing. 

Prepositional Phrases.mp4

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