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Swan Class - Inverted Commas


Today, we will be looking at inverted commas. We will be looking at where we use them, how we use them and accompanied by which other punctuation. Work through the tasks in the video converting speech bubbles into sentences of direct speech. By the end of the lesson, you should have a better understanding of how we construct sentences of speech and this will help you when you write your myth in Topic. We will move on to apply this knowledge to dialogue tomorrow. 

Inverted Commas



Good morning Fox Class. In today's GPS lesson you will be learning about antonyms. In the lesson you will recap what antonyms are before you have a go at completing the tasks on the slides. Once you have completed the tasks on the slides, test your knowledge on the antonym and synonym test. 


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Magpie Class


Expanded Noun Phrases


Good morning Magpie Class. Today's lesson is all about expanded noun phrases. In the video below you will be explained how these are used and what needs to be included in them. The tasks for today are also explained within the video. 

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