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Swan Class - Using apostrophes when the nouns are plural


Today, we will be continuing our learning around apostrophes and looking at how we use them to show possession when the nouns are plural instead of singular. We will be refreshing our knowledge of what a plural is and how we convert singular nouns to plurals before thinking about ownership and where to put the apostrophe. Work through the video completing the tasks to develop your understanding. Test yourself at the end with the SATS-style questions. You should then practise using them in your writing so that you do not forget the rules around using them. 

Plural Apostrophes



Good morning Fox Class. Today's GPS lesson will be on synonyms. In the lesson you will recap what synonyms are before you have a go at completing the tasks on the slides.


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Magpies Class




Good morning Magpies. For today's GPS lesson we are re-capping determiners. Please watch the videos below that explained how to identify and use determiners and the work set for today. 


Magpie Class Determiners Intro.mp4

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Magpie Class Determiner Tasks Explained.mp4

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