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Swan Class - Apostrophes for Possession


Today, we will be working on how we use apostrophes for possession when working with singular words. We will be adding missing apostrophes and spotting and correcting some common mistakes. You will have the opportunity to work on this skill through focused activities and sentence-writing. By the end of the lesson, you should understand a little more about the rules around showing ownership of items in sentences. On Monday, we will move on to when we use apostrophes to show plural ownership. 

apostrophes possession 1

Past Progressive 


Good morning Fox Class. For today's GPS lesson you are going to be learning all about past progressive tense. Watch the video below for an introduction and explanation of the activities. Once you have watched the video, choose one of the tasks to complete. The tasks have been differentiated. The three star task is the hardest. 

Past progressive.mp4

Still image for this video

Magpie Class:

Inverted Commas

If you need to please feel free to watch yesterday’s video in part or full and then continue with the tasks set yesterday. If you complete them and would like to practice your inverted comma use even more then please write a short story that contains a lot of dialogue within it.