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Swan Class - Apostrophes for Omission


Today, we will be focusing on turning two words into contractions and using apostrophes to show omission (where we have missed out a letter or letters). You will complete tasks around using an apostrophe in this way and then move on to applying this to full sentences. Follow the video through and complete the tasks. By the end of the lesson, you should feel confident about using apostrophes in this way. 

Apostrophes omission

Present Prefect tense

The Present Perfect Tense connects the past to the present. It describes an action that happened in the past and goes right to the present moment. In todays lesson you are going to learn how to identify the present perfect tense and how to form a sentence using the present perfect tense. 


Watch the video clip below for an introduction to present perfect tense and carry out the activities on the slides.  

Present Perfect tense.mp4

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Magpie Class

Inverted Commas


Good morning Magpies. This morning we are looking at speech! Please look at the introduction video which explains the difference between reported and direct speech and how to punctuate speech. There are tasks within this video so please ensure you are ready for these.

Once you have viewed this video please watch the second one which explains the further tasks. Please note that this will be your lesson for today and tomorrow so please do not feel like you have to answer all of the tasks today!

Magpies GPS Intro.mp4

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Magpies GPS Tasks Explained.mp4

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