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Swan Class - Hyphens


Today, we will be looking at how and when we use hyphens in our writing. We will be looking at a few different ways so work through the video and complete the tasks to aid your understanding. Then don't forget to apply them in your descriptive writing for Topic today. You could create some excellent compound adjectives to descrive a Maya settlement. 


Up-levelling sentences

Good Morning Fox Class. For you GPS lesson today you are going to be learning about up-levelling sentences. By the end of the lesson you will be able to: Identify the grammatical features used to up-level a sentence; apply your knowledge of expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbial and relative clauses to a simple sentence and be able to independently up-level sentences. 

Watch the video below and then have a go at one of the activities. The activities are differentiated, this means that the more stars the more difficult the task is. You only need to complete one of the activities but make sure you choose the one best suited to you. 

uplevelling sentences.mp4

Still image for this video

Magpie Class - Parenthesis


Today we will be carrying on with our tasks from yesterday with parenthesis. The tasks are saved below - please continue from where you reached yesterday.