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Swan Class - Colon or Semi-colon?


Today, we will build on your knowledge od colons and semi-colons and begin to pick apart the differences between the two punctuation marks. We will look at their differences and have a go at using them correctly in context. You will also have the opportunity to add in the missing punctuation to check your understanding. By the end of the lesson, you should understand enough that you will be able to create a poster to compare the differences between colons and semi-colons to help someone else in the future. 

Colons or semi colons

Figurative Language


Good morning Fox Class. Today's GPS lesson will focus on figurative language. By the end of the lesson you will be able to: understand the difference between literal and figurative language; know the seven different types of figurative language; identify features relating to the seven different types of figurative language and be able to apply your knowledge of figurative language to your writing. Watch the video below and complete the tasks before playing the figurative language game. 

Figurative Language.mp4

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Magpie Class




Good morning Magpies - please watch the first video which goes over how parenthesis is used and when to use it. There are practice questions within the video. Please watch the second video which explains the tasks set out below. There are 3 tasks - but we shall be continuing these tomorrow so please do not feel you have to complete them today. I suggest you start with the fluency task first and then the reasoning task and finally the activity as this includes a longer piece of writing at the end. I look forward to seeing your completed work. 

Magpies Parentheis Intro.mp4

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Magpies Parenthesis Tasks Explained.mp4

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