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Swan Class - Colons Part 2


Today, we will be pushing on with our learning about colons from last week. We will recap some of what we learned with regards to using them to introduce lists and bullet points and then focus on the way that we use them to give explanations within sentences and join two main clauses together. Work through the tasks on the video to improve your understanding of how to use colons properly in sentences. Tomorrow, we will be looking into the differences between semi-colons and colons. These are often punctuation marks that people muddle up. 

Colons Part 2


Modal Verbs


Good Morning Fox Class. Today's GPS lesson will be a recap of modal verbs. By the end of the lesson you will be able to: identify model verbs within a sentence; know whether the modal verb has been used to show certainty or possibility and be able to create you own sentences/ paragraphs using modal verbs. 


Watch the video below to find out all about modal verbs, before completing the activities uploaded below. 

Modal verbs.mp4

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Magpie Class




Good morning Magpies - please watch the video below which recaps dashes for you and explains how they can be used in different ways. The video explains the tasks too which can be seen below the video. 

Magpie Class GPS Lesson - Dashes

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