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Swan Class - Colons


Today, we will be looking at colons. We will learn how to use them to introduce lists in sentences and for bullet pointed lists. We will be refreshing some knowledge about using commas and semi-colons to separate items, or clauses, in a list and touch upon some basics about bullet points. Follow the video and complete the tasks.


Active and passive voice part 2 


Good morning Fox Class. For today's GPS lesson you will be continuing to learn about the active and passive voice. Watch the video giving you a brief recap of active and passive voice and the instructions for you activity. Once you have finished the video, have a go at the task below using the link provided. 

passive voice recap and instructions.mp4

Still image for this video

Magpie Class - Hyphens Part 2. 


Good morning Magpies - for today's GPS lesson I would like you to continue from where you got to yesterday. This may be the fluency questions or perhaps the reasoning ones. If you complete these today with time to spare. Please write a short piece of writing based on anything you like which includes hyphens throughout.