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Swan Class - Semi-Colons


Today, we will be continuing with our learning around different types of punctuation. We will be looking at where to use semi-colons and how to use them effectively in our writing. Follow the video through and complete the tasks as you go. By the end of the lesson, you should be able to add semi-colons in to your extended writing and also know where they should go if they have been missed out. 

Semi colons

Active and passive voice part 1

Hi Fox Class. Today's GPS lesson will be on active and passive voice. By the end of today's lesson you will know what active and passive verbs are, how to identify them and create your own sentences using active and passive voice. 

Active and passive part 1.mp4

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Magpie Class - Hyphen Lesson Part 1


Good morning Magpies! Please view the video below for the introduction of hyphens and an explanation of the tasks. There is a PowerPoint with audio clips on it too. 

As explained in the video this lesson will be split over today and tomorrow therefore it does not matter if you answer questions from the fluency section only today - you will be able to continue your work tomorrow.  

GPS Intro.mp4

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