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Hi Fox Class, For today’s lesson you will be focusing on using hyphens to avoid ambiguity. Watch the short video clip below and then answer the questions on the power-point. I have also added a link to bitesize were you can find extra information on hyphens.


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Swan Class- Statement, Question, Command and Exclamation


Today, we will be looking at how we differentiate between statements, commands, exclamations and questions. We will be thinking about the specific wording and punctuation that we use. Follow the powerpoint through and complete the tasks to aid your understanding. 

Statement, question, command, exclamation

Magpie Class - Cohesive Devices

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Good morning Magpie Class! For today's GPS lesson we are looking at cohesive devices. These are devices that we can use in our writing to ensure it flows well. Take your time watching the video and make notes of all of the various cohesive devices. Once you've watched the video - write a short piece of writing about absolutely anything. You must identify the cohesive devices you have used within your writing.