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Friday's Quest

Friday's Quests


* Read the 'British Rower' text and answer questions based around this.


* Complete the daily GPS quest.


* Turn your newspaper report into a news story that you can record with a camera. Imagine that you are a Newsreader for BBC News or Newsround and you are presenting the story of the dragon attack. Write your story up like a speech so that you know what to say. You could draw and stick some pictures up where you are filming. Maybe you want to include some sound effects or an interview with another family member who is acting as someone who was at the castle at the time of the attack. Maybe you'll even find a newsreader costume to wear... Send us a copy of the videos. We would love to see them!


* Put your Maths skills to the test once more to solve this May mystery.


*Paint your dragon mask and add some extra cardboard detail. Don't forget some elastic so that it stays on your head. You can now terrorise your family with it! Send us a picture we can't wait to see how creative you have been.


Have a wonderful weekend!

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