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Friday's Quest

Friday's Quest


* Read and answer comprehension questions based on 'The Three Little Princesses' text. 


* Complete the daily GPS quest.


* Write your quest story. You could illustrate it as you go or leave that until the end. Follow the powerpoint and your storyboard for step by step instructions on how to write it. Take your time and make it EPIC!


* Write some facts that you know based on your data, your charts and your graphs. What is the most popular? What is the least popular? How many more people chose one 'chocolate bar' over another? What is the difference between the number of people that like the most popular and the number of people that like the least popular? Practise interpreting charts, tables and graphs first.


*Finish off your investigation by evaluating your design and emailing Rapunzel back with your ideas. Don't forget to include a diagram with labels.


*Turn your quest story into a puppet show by making lolly stick puppets of your characters and acting it out for your family.


Have a lovely weekend!