Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Friday 8th January

Phonics (Task 1)


Watch the video, draw some aliens and choose some names for them using the speed sounds chart.

Name Your Aliens

Make a Magic Wand (Task 2)


Find a stick that you can use as a magic wand and decorate it with things that you might have in your house. Tell us what magic spells you are going to cast with it? Will you turn your sister into a frog? Will you make yourself invisible? Or will you give yourself fairy wings?



Making a Magic Wand

Music - RUBBER CHICKEN (Task 3)


Try and learn the rubber chicken dance. Watch the instruction video and then the music is below for you to practice on your own. Send us a video of your dance!

Rubber Chicken

Rubber chicken (backing track).mp3

Harper's Rubber Chicken

Still image for this video

The Jolly Postman (Task 4)

Watch the video for the next part of 'The Jolly Postman'. Can you write an invitation to a fairy tale character from your favourite fairy tale character? For example, to the giant from baby bear?

Cinderella (Task 5)

Listen to 'Cinderella'. Can you draw your favourite scene from the story and label it using your sounds?

Science Experiment with Mrs. Sakhi (Task 6)

Amazing Home Learning (Thursday 7th-Friday 8th January)