Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Friday 5th March

Good morning year 1 and welcome to your LAST day (hopefully ever!) of home learning!



As it is our last day, we have got lots of fun activities organised for you. Today is an 'offline' day, so these activities can be completed away from laptops and computers. These activities don't need to be sent in to the year 1 email address as they are just for fun today :). Choose as may of these activities to complete as you like. We hope you have  great day and enjoy the different activities and your last day of home learning. We CAN NOT WAIT to see you in school next week! It is going to be lots of fun and we have got some great lessons lined up for you. Have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you all on Monday smiley.


1. Spring crafts- PDFs posted below.


2. Spring outdoor hunt- PDF posted below.


3. 100 things to do indoors - PDF posted below.

Here a selection of spring crafts for you to choose from. Feel free to do as many as you would like, or do your own spring inspired crafts.

Outdoor spring hunt

Go outside and see how many of these things you can spot.

100 Things to do indoors

Feel free to complete as many of these different activities as you like!