Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Friday 5th February

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Today we are using pictures to develop our inference skills.  Have a look at the images in the powerpoint and answer the questions.  


In GPS today we are looking at adverbs.  Adverbs are usually words with -ly at the end and they describe the verb.  They give the reader more information about the action taking place.  

e.g. the snow fell quickly and silently.  The thunder clapped loudly as a bolt of lightning brightly flashed through the dark sky.   


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We are learning to read an analogue clock (clockface with hands) and we are looking at 'o'clock, 'half past', 'quarter past' and 'quarter to'.

Times Tables

Use TT Rockstars to practise your times tables.


Don't forget........

Rabbits have a competition with Hedgehogs Class

Peregrines have a competition with Puffins Class


Who will be the winners????