Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Friday 29th January

Free Write (Task 1)

Pig and wolves have been caught on camera all over the Reception area! Can you choose a picture then write about it? Use your sounds to write whatever you choose that captions the picture.

Free Write PowerPoint and PDF (as shown in video)

What's the Time Mr. Wolf? (Task 2)

Play is pivotal to learning... pratice counting by playing 'What's the Time Mr. Wolf?' with family members or toys.

Bonus Activities (Independent, printable activities that don't require continuous adult support)

Blues Music (Task 3)


Part One - Listen to Mr Carter read his favourite story of how Keith Richards got his first guitar.

Part Two - Listen to Little Red Rooster by Keith's band The Rolling Stones and think about these questions with an adult:

Do you like the song? It doesn't matter if you do or don't just think about why.

What can you hear? What kind of voices, instruments or sounds?

How many singers do you think there are?

Are there any words that are repeated?

Does it sound happy or sad?

What is the tempo like? Is it fast or slow?

What does this song remind you of?

Little Red Rooster

Part 3 - Make your own drum kit out of things in the house, play along and improvise to this blues track. 

Blues Jam Track

Part Four - Join in with the Three Little Pigs Blues, you can join in singing the chorus or play along to the beat with your drum kit.



Listen to Mr Carter read Blow Your Nose Big Bad Wolf with a NASTY surprise... surprise


Think about these questions as you listen:

1. Why did Mummy Pig give them each a box of tissue?

2. Which pigs house do you think took the longest to build? Why?

3. Is the wolf in this story nasty or nice? Does Big Bad blow the houses down on purpose?

4. What would have happened if the first little pig had given Big Bad a tissue?

I've got a yearning for home learning