Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Friday 26th February

Good morning Year 1!


We hope you are all keeping well. Our activities for today are listed below:




1. Topic- Questioning techniques. PowerPoint/video posted below. 


2. Reading- The Very Busy Spider.

Video and questions posted below.


3. Maths- Counting in 5s

Resources are posted in the documents below. 


4. Phonics- Activities are posted below.

Pupils should know which Phonics groups they were in last term, if unsure please email and we can assist.


5. PE-

In this episode, Oti teaches us how to swim like creatures under the sea!


6. Spelling test- Video posted below.


7. PSHE- Looking after ourselves. PDF posted below.


Please remember to send any pictures and work to


We cannot wait to see your lovely work and to give you some feedback. Have fun!



Today you are going to see what my cats Sally and Kabbuki get up to in a day. You will see what it is like having a pet from the perspective of an owner. We will discuss the different questioning techniques that we can use and the different questioning language. We will discuss the importance of using a question mark at the end of our questions. I would then like you to come up with some different questions that you would like to ask me about my cats. Remember to start your questions with a capital letter and end them with a question mark. Try to come up with some interesting questions.



Counting in 5s.mp4

Still image for this video
We are moving on today to counting in 5s. This is a great skill to have as it helps with learning our times tables in the coming years and it is also a way of counting that people use often in day-to-day life. We are using our knowledge of more/less than to help with this as well as looking at the pattern that emerges. Can you spot the pattern? I was unable to add the video to the PowerPoint as it made it too large to add as one onto the page. I have therefore added the PowerPoint and little video on counting in 5s separately. Colour in the number grid and see if you can spot the pattern. Use that to help you complete the counting in 5s worksheet if you need to.



Today’s book is called ‘The Very Busy Spider’ by Eric Carle and it is read by Animated Children’s Books. See if you can answer these questions with your parent as you go through the video, make sure you pause the video in places to give you a chance to answer. Feel free to answer the questions verbally or write your answers down if you want to.


  1. How did the spider get there?
  2. Why didn’t the spider answer?
  3. How many different animals tried to talk to the spider?
  4. What happened to the fly?
  5. How would you describe the web?
  6. How do you think the spider felt at the end of the day?
  7. What do you think the spider will do tomorrow?
We have been learning about how we look after pets in our topic lessons this week, but how do you look after yourself? There are 3 sheets to choose from, some require writing, some are just pictures, so feel free to choose which ever one is best suited to your level. 

Spelling test


Please take your final spelling test of this week. How did you do? Did you improve your score from Wednesday?