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Friday 26th February

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Topic - World's Famous Volcanoes

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Find out about some dangerous volcanoes around the world. We will be learning which countries these volcanoes are in and practising finding them on a world map.



Today you have an investigation to complete. 


Investigations are not always easy and lots of trial and error happens before you get to the answer.  Sometimes there isn't a right answer and there maybe lots of possibilities. 


Problem solving and investigating are really important skills to practise and develop.  They help you build resilience, patience, critical thinking and questioning skills (and more!)


Whilst investigations can sometimes be frustrating, they should also be fun and once you've cracked the problem, you'll feel so proud of yourself for persevering, so we urge you to keep going and trying with your challenge!


Have Fun!!!



Today, we would like you to read for pleasure. 


Grab yourself a book (fiction or non-fiction), a comic, a newspaper or even the instructions for your favourite game or a recipe. - something with words that you find interesting! 


Find somewhere comfy to sit where it is calm and quiet and simply enjoy reading.