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Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Friday 22nd January

Ladybird Class registration will be at 11am on Monday 25th January as Mr. Bennett is on virtual training 9-10.30am. Please logon using the same Zoom link. Normal registration time will resume on Tuesday 26th January. 

Bear's Alternative Breakfast (Task 1)

To make bear's alternative breakfast you'll need bread, honey, raisins and banana... and a grown up! If you don't have these ingredients you can always be creative and replace with what you do have!

Challenge! Can you write the instructions to make bear's new breakfast?

Phonics (Task 2)


Read ditty 2 from the book Sun Hat Fun in the Read Write Inc section on the Oxford Owl website.


Try some block building words and sentences with the words we've learnt this week. 

Building Block Phonics (Friday 22nd January)

Making Playdough (Task 3)

Join Mrs. Sakhi to make your own play dough!


1 cup flour, 1/4 cup salt, 1 tablespoon of cooking oil, 1/2 cup of warm water and a few drops of food colouring.

Measuring Snakes (Task 4)


Using the play dough you have made or play dough from home roll out and make five snakes of a different length. Can you order them from shortest to longest?


Challenge: Can you use a ruler or tape measure to measure your snakes to the nearest centimeter? 


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