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Friday 22nd January

Good morning Year 1!


We hope you are all keeping well. Our activities for today are listed below:




1. Topic- Memory Box. PowerPoint/video posted below. Once you have opened the document, set it to full screen mode and the audio will start automatically. You then need to click through the slides. The PowerPoint and video are exactly the same, choose which format you prefer or you can access.


2. Reading- The Dinosaur that Pooped a Princess. Video and questions posted below.


3. Maths- Add by making 10

PowerPoint/video posted below. Once you have opened the document, set it to full screen mode and the audio will start automatically. You then need to click through the slides. Resources are posted in the documents below. The PowerPoint and video are exactly the same, choose which format you prefer or you can access.



5. Phonics- Activities are posted below. Pupils should know which Phonics groups they were in last term, if unsure please email and we can assist.


6. PE-

Have a go at this workout by Little Sports, it is 12 minutes long and contains fun exercises for you to do at home. These exercises will help you to get stronger and to burn off some energy.



7. Spelling test- video posted below.


8. Wellbeing- Activity posted below.



Please remember to send any pictures and work to


We cannot wait to see your lovely work and to give you some feedback. Have fun!


For our topic lesson today, we are going to have lots of fun and make a special memory box! Your memory box will be a great place to keep special photos, certificates, medals and awards, memorabilia from places you have been to, keepsakes etc.

Once you have your box (you can use any box that you have) it's time to decorate it. You can cover it in coloured paper/news paper and stick pictures/sequins/glitter/feathers... on it, you can paint it, draw pictures on it... GO WILD! Decorate your memory box how ever you like. Remember to make it as special as you can because this is the box where you are going to keep all your special memories. Once you have your beautifully decorated box, I would like you to write a little letter to yourself (just like I did in the video) to explain what sort of things you are going to keep in your memory box. It would also be really nice to write a list of the special things that you add in (why they are special, who did you get it from, where was it...) to keep as a record so that when you look back in your memory box when you are much older, you will know why you chose each item.

See if you can find a few items to go in your memory box and add them to your list!

We can not wait to see your wonderful boxes and we hope you have lots of fun making them!



In today’s Maths lesson we are looking at adding by making 10 again. I know that some of you found this really difficult, please keep trying and have another go. You will continue to add numbers together by using your knowledge of number bonds to 10. It is so much easier to add two numbers together when you make 10 first. You might find it useful to use practical equipment such as tens frames, counters or cubes to help you see the link of making 10 first. I would like you to use any method which you find the easiest such as a number line or part part whole model. I will go through some warm up questions with you first to show you how to answer the questions. I would then like you to have a go at some practice questions so that you can independently apply these skills. Your main Maths task is uploaded below the Maths PowerPoint in a PDF format. At the end of the PowerPoint are some challenge questions for you to have a go at, remember to explain your answers using your reasoning skills. I have also uploaded some mastery cards for those of you that want an extra challenge. Try your best! I can’t wait to see your work.



Today’s book is called ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped a Princess’ by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter. See if you can answer these questions with your parent as you go through the video, make sure you pause the video in places to give you a chance to answer. Feel free to answer the questions verbally or write your answers down if you want to.

  1. What will the book be about? Why do you think that?
  2. Will Gingerbread Man be able to give them directions?
  3. How would you describe the Three Little Pigs’ clothes?
  4. Will they find the princess? Where will they find her?
  5. If you could make the dinosaur a snack, what would you make him?
  6. List in order the places that Danny and the dinosaur went throughout the story.
  7. What type of books have you seen most of these characters in before?
  8. What did the dinosaur need to do to save the princess?
  9. Why is the princess so angry?



Please take your final spelling test of this week. How did you do? Did you improve your score from Wednesday?

Spellings Week 3.mp4

Still image for this video



Today we are going to look for positives. Sometimes we can get into the habit of looking at the negative things more than the positive things in life. I would like you to cut out different shapes on card, e.g. a rectangle, heart and square. I would like you write some words or phrases on each shape such as ‘I am a good friend’. Fill the shapes with as many positives as you can think of, discuss these with your parent. How do these statements make you feel?