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Friday 15th January

Friday's Introduction

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Today we will be learning about one of ancient Rome's most famous buildings - the colosseum.  We will learn about the lives of gladiators and find out what happens to gladiators in an amphitheatre. 

You have a choice of two writing tasks can either be a senator and describe the fight you are watching between gladiators and beasts, or you could be a gladiator and write a diary entry about your day.

Whichever one you choose, remember to check you used the correct punctuation marks, adjectives and expanded noun phrases, adverbs, pronouns to avoid repetition and you re-read your sentences to make sure they make sense!

Have fun!


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Our focus in reading today is summarising or sequencing.  I have put a summarising poster up to help you.


Maths - today is our last day of problems solving using and converting pounds and pence before we move onto adding and subtracting money and giving change next week. 

This morning Miss Lam-Hang is helping us with our Maths - make sure you say hello!

Have fun solving the problems!

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GPS-Writing Direct Speech

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