Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Friday 15th January

Good morning Year 1!


We hope you are all keeping well. Our activities for today are listed below:




1. Topic- List writing. PowerPoint/video posted below. Once you have opened the document, set it to full screen mode and the audio will start automatically. You then need to click through the slides.


2. Reading- Link and questions posted below.


3. Maths- 

Video link/ PowerPoint and resources posted below. 


5. Phonics- activities are posted below. Pupils should know which Phonics groups they were in last term, if unsure please email and we can assist.


6. PE-

Stay fit and healthy with Miss Linky and join her on a fun workout. You will not need any equipment.


7. Spelling test- Video posted below. 


8. Art-

Have a go at making a winter landscape collage with Art John. You will need ripped paper and a hole punch. Have fun! I can’t wait to see your beautiful art work.


On your registration on Monday Coach will be joining us for a game. She has asked you to prepare yellow, blue, green, orange and red circles. Use a mug or a plate as a stencil and then colour the circle in. You only need one of each colour.



Please remember to send any pictures and work to


We cannot wait to see your lovely work and to give you some feedback. Have fun!


Still image for this video

Today’s the day of the picnic! Are you excited? Before you can start your picnic, you need to write a list. What will you need at the picnic? What will you eat? What will you sit on? Do you need something to carry the picnic items in? Make sure you start your sentence with a capital letter, leave finger spaces between your words and end your sentences with a piece of punctuation. You will also need to make a sandwich for your picnic, follow the video to make one. I hope you have a great time, take lots of pictures and sing the Teddy Bears’ Picnic song.


Today we are reading the story of Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs. You can either watch it as a video and pause after each question to discuss or you can flick through it as a PowerPoint. Feel free to discuss the questions verbally or write down any answers. This is a great story! I hope you enjoy it :). 


Slide 2: Can you think of any other kinds of dinosaur?

Slide 3: looking at the front cover, title and picture on this slide, can you predict what you think the story is about?

Slide 5: Do you think dinosaurs want to be kept in a bucket? Why?

Slide 6: How do you think Harry felt when Sam said it was stupid fussing over junk? It wasn’t a very kind thing to say!

Slide 9: What do you think is happening in this picture? Do you think the dinosaur should be doing that?

Slide 1o: Why do you think Harry was so upset?

Slide 12: What do you think is going to happen when Harry calls the dinosaurs names?

Slide 14: How do you think Harry feels now he is reunited with his dinosaurs?


In maths today we are revisiting the more recent topics that we have covered: place value within 20 and ordering and comparing numbers and objects. You can watch the video and pause after each question or you can flick through it as a PowerPoint. See how many questions you can get right and have a god= at the challenge questions and see how you get on! Once you reach the end, there are some links to some free games for you to play. Have fun!


Still image for this video

Please ask your parent to test you on your spellings. What was your score? Did you improve your score from your practice test? Please let me know how you did on an email.