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Friday 12th February

Happy Chinese New Year


Well done on another amazing week of home learning. We are constantly impressed by the quality of your work and the amount of effort that you are all putting into everything that you have been sending in to us. It has been great to see all your learning on safer internet day and we can't wait to see what you send in to us today.


We hope that you have a great half term next week.


We look forward to seeing you during our registration window at 11am today.


Don't forget we have the contact form on the previous page if you have any questions about the below learning.


Below you will find:


-Our daily introduction giving you an outline of what your day will look like.

-A Chinese themed Maths lesson

-Chinese New Year activities

-A Times Tables task

-A Chinese themed reading task

-A Music lesson

Today's timetable

Daily Introduction

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Your Maths' lesson today is a bit different. Today we will be looking at Chinese New Year Maths. Meaning that you will be answering some multiplication and division questions based around Chinese New Year. This activity is a bit of fun to complete and it will consolidate your knowledge of multiplication and division. 

Good luck!

If you are in Mrs MacDonald's maths group please see below the work that you are expected to do.

Chinese New Year Activities

The Chinese New Year story

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Writing a newspaper report about Chinese New Year - lesson input

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Your task is to watch the video before using the information to create your own newspaper report about Chinese New Year. You can use the templates below to help you to write your report.

How to draw a Chinese dragon tutorial

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How to make a Chinese lantern

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Miss Matthes Mandarin lesson

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Times Tables

For today's lesson you will need to go onto the previous page under the Times Table tab and select the audio file for the group that you are on.


Your task today is to answer retrieval questions on the information text about Chinese New Year. 

If you are confident you can go straight to the challenge text and answer the questions. 


If you feel that you need support then read and answer the questions on text 1 which is also read in the video to help you.

Reading support for text 1

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Below is a music lesson about dynamics for you to have a go at.

Mr McDermott's song to learn

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Dance of the Day

Qia La Yong Yuan OK

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