Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Day 4

Well we slept like logs last night and boy did we need it! We woke up refreshed and ready for another action packed day ahead. Jacob’s ladder saw us conquering more fears as we scrambling up the logs to reach the top! We had to work as a team so that we could reach the next step up, using each other’s legs or ropes to get us there. 

Later in the day, we took part in the sensory trail. Holding a rope and each other’s shoulders we were blindfolded and led through the forest, we encountered many obstacles that we had to negotiate our ways through. Our senses were pushed to the limit when some strange sources of water seemed to come our way! 

We also had the opportunity to develop our fencing skills as we learnt the on guard position and our two methods of attack. We got kitted up and used our foils to  dual! 

We then had limited time to clean ourselves up and get disco ready where there were dance moves galore! We learnt the routines for YMCA, Macarena and all the classics! 

We then headed to our ‘homes for the week’ to get packed up ready for our departure tomorrow 

Something tells me we might just sleep well tonight!