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Art Challenge!

Design and create a propaganda poster for the start of World War 2


The year is 1939. Neville Chamberlain (the prime minister) has made his decision. Britain will go to war. Design a World War 1 propaganda poster encouraging the people to be calm and think thoughts of victory. Your propaganda will help to influence their feelings about the war. You need them to feel positive and patriotic. You also need to spread the message of hope and unity rather than fear. 

Design and create a poster that is: 

* eye-catching

* bright

* colourful

* has a strong, short, snappy and memorable slogan

*contains one strong image drawn in a cartoony way


Watch the video for ideas about how to go about designing your propaganda poster. Use the examples given and use the powerpoint for further help. Keep calm and design a poster!

Art Challenge Propaganda Poster