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Tuesday 5th January

Good morning guys!

We hope your first day of Home Learning went well yesterday.

It was lovely to hear from some of you and to see some of your work.


We look forward to seeing you during our registration window at 11am today.


Don't forget we have the contact form on the previous page if you have any questions about the below learning.


Below you will find:


-Our daily introduction giving you an outline of what your day will look like.

-A Learning Project lesson.

-A Maths lesson.

-A Times Tables task.

-A reading task.

-A GPS lesson. 

Today's daily introduction

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Learning Project

As you now know, we are building up to writing our very own non-chronological report about teeth.


You have written non-chronological reports about Native Americans and Anglo-Saxon life in previous terms, so you are familiar with this genre and will know that 'non-chronological report' is just a posh term for an informative piece of writing.


The next stage in our learning journey for this, is to research more information about teeth so we can ensure that our reports are full of excellent facts. Therefore, today’s lesson is all about research!


Before you begin, please consider what sub-headings you would like to have in your report. This will help you to focus your research on specific areas. Some example ideas could be:

Types of teeth.

The functions of teeth.

How to look after your teeth.


Remember not to simply copy out chunks of information, you need to understand the information before you write it down.

For now, simply take notes. You can upskill this into sentences and paragraphs when it comes to the final writing.


Below you can find suggested websites and resources that we have prepared for you that you may  find useful as part of your research:

What are the types of teeth? - BBC Bitesize

Types of Teeth | Facts About Teeth | DK Find Out

Teeth (KS2): Everything You Need To Know by Kidadl


Welcome to today's Maths lesson!


We are continuing with perimeter today.


Please watch the video called measure perimeter on the below link before you begin:

The video will mention worksheets, please don't worry about those, as we have made our own activities for you to complete today.


Once you have watched the video, if you are still feeling unsure, there is a PowerPoint that you can work through with more explanation, otherwise please have a go at the activity sheet.


There is an extension task if you found the activity sheet too easy for you, however this is optional!


Please email any Maths work that you complete to our usual address: 

Times Tables

Have a go at both of the below activities for today's times tables lesson:


Flash Tables ( : Choose the times tables for your times table group. See how many questions you can answer in 2 minutes. You could make a note of your score and try to beat it on your next attempt.


Times tables Speed Test X - Choose the times tables for your times table group. See how quickly you can answer the questions. Make a note of your score so that you can try to beat it on your next attempt.



Today we will be recapping figurative language.

Hopefully some of this will sound familiar from our previous learning on this.


Remember, figurative language can be a wonderful tool is some genres of writing.


After the PowerPoint you will see a sorting cards activity, where we would like you to match the correct definition to the correct term.


If you fancy a little extra, why not try to write some of your own figurative language!