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Year 6 Swan

Welcome to Year 6 Swan Class!


Welcome to our class page! Here you can find what we are learning about and find any key updates.


My name is Miss Coulson, I am the Class Teacher of Swans Class and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Rhode-Evans


If you ever need to know anything about what we are doing in class or you have any questions, please feel free to come and see me after school, write a note in your child's contact book or fill out the form below.


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Pre-learning shout out!


So you can have an advantage in our lessons at school; here is a look at what we will be learning about in the next few weeks.


At the beginning of Term 2 :


- In Maths the pupils will be learning about BODMAS and fractions. 

- In our topic lessons pupils will be starting their learning about the Victorian era. These lessons will focus on the timeline of events during 1837-1901 as well as what it was like in a Victorian school. 

- In Science we shall be learning about how light travels. 



Let’s hop on a steam train and travel back in time to the Victorian era! During this half term, we’ll use non-fiction books to research Victorian education and people, including famous inventors, reformers and Queen Victoria herself. Then, we’ll write non-chronological reports and biographies using a range of source materials. We’ll write on slates, learn the three ‘Rs’ and take part in cooking, sewing and woodwork lessons, just like a child in a Victorian school. We’ll make popular Victorian dishes and play with Victorian toys. ‘Drill’ activities will have us following instructions to march, stretch and jump in formation. We’ll learn about crime and punishment and find out what life was like in a Victorian slum. How things have changed! We’ll discover what happened during the Industrial Revolution and learn about significant inventions. Copying the style of famous Victorian paintings, we’ll experiment with block printing techniques. 

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