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Year 6 Robin

Welcome to Year 6 Robin Class!



Welcome to our class page! Here you can find what we are learning about and find any key updates.


My name is Mrs Hudson, I am the Class Teacher of Robin Class and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Rhodes-Evans.


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We love to 'camp out with a good book' in our reading corner

We have been producing amazingly, high-quality writing!

Our Learning this term:


Welcome to Mexico! Get ready to explore this unique country, from its towering temples and stunning geography to its pulsing rhythms and fun-packed festivals.

Tummy rumbling? Concoct a traditional fruit cocktail or delicious Mexican meal. What’s on your shopping list? Go steady with the spices!

Discover the mysterious world of the ancient Maya civilisation. Make their chocolate, learn their poetry, play their ballgame and follow all their curious rituals. Just try to keep your head!

Feel like celebrating? Design a flute, grab a drum, join a tribe and make some noise! Have you got what it takes to be chief? Let’s find out…

Good reads to support our topical learning:


Off We Go to Mexico: An Adventure in the Sun - Laurie Krebs - 9781846861581


Avoid being a Mayan Soothsayer! (Danger Zone) - Rupert Matthews - 9781905638321


Ancient Maya (The Ancient World) - Barbara A.Somervill - 9780531259818


Mexico (Been There!) - Annabel Savery - 9781445132907


The Hero Twins: Against the Lords of Death - Dan Jolley - 9781580138925


After reading to yourself, you might like to complete our reading self evaluation!

Pre-Learning Shout-Out! 


Why not get yourself immersed into our topic early?

What do you know about Mexico?

Are you aware of any cultural traditions/celebrations? If not, see what you can learn!

What do you know about the Ancient Mayans? Research all about them.


How is your geographical knowledge? Do you know where in the world Mexico is? Which continent it is in? The weather conditions?


p.s. If you haven't read or seen Holes by Louis Sacher yet, DON'T! This will be a great element of surprise to add onto your learning this term!


This term, our Science theme is Electricity!

Do you know the scientific symbols for each component that can be present in a circuit?


Do you know what insulators and conductors are, or what they do?


Are you able to explain the differences between a series and parallel circuit?



Our first bit of Maths learning in Term 3 is all about measurements.


Do you know the meaning of the words: kilo, cent, milli or deci?

Do you know what units of measure we use to measure capacity or weight?

What operation would we need to convert between them?


There is a lot to remember with this topic so any additional learning would help you!


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