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Year 6 Robin

Welcome to Year 6 Robin Class!



Welcome to our class page! Here you can find what we are learning about and find any key updates.


My name is Mrs Hudson, I am the Class Teacher of Robin Class and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Rhodes-Evans.


If you ever need to know anything about your child's learning or have any questions, please feel free to come and see us after school, pop a note in the contact book or fill out the form below.

We love to 'camp out with a good book' in our reading corner

We have been producing amazingly, high-quality writing!

Our Learning this term:


Crimson, scarlet, burgundy, cherry... blood flows through our bodies in all its vibrant shades of red. Let's explore our circulation system! Now surgeons, don't be squeamish as we dissect an animal heart and examine the veins, arteries and chambers up close! They all work hard to move blood around our bodies.


William Harvey was fascinated with anatomy and made ground-breaking discoveries about valves. I wonder what we might uncover?


Let's check out the most common blood groups in our class. Why do people give blood?


Find out how to keep your heart happy with cardiovascular exercise and healthy food. Kick-start a campaign to spread the word about the damage caused by smoking to the lungs and heart.


Hearts pound, flutter and maybe skip a beat...What makes your heart race? Is it a secret? Cross my heart, I won't tell!

Good reads to support our topical learning:


Pig Heart Boy - Malorie Blackman - 9780552551663

Heroic Heart (Body Works) - Anna Claybourne - 9781781711248

The Heart and the Bottle - Oliver Jeffers - 9780007182343

Heartbeat Away - Laura Summers - 9781848121096

The Human Body (The World in Infographics) - Jon Richards and Ed Simkins - 9780750278683

The Circulatory System: Where Do I Get My Energy? - Chris Oxlade - 9781406274318

After reading to yourself, you might like to complete our reading self evaluation!

On Wednesday 10th January we were lucky enough to carry out a heart dissection ourselves! We travelled to Dartford Grammar School for Boys and spent time with their Science team in the labs and lecture theatre learning all about our amazing bodies!


We used extremely sharp scissors and tweezers to begin our dissection and before we knew it we could see inside the atriums and ventricles. We learnt how different the two sides of our hearts can be, we saw some main arteries and saw some heart strings - now we understand where the phrase came from!


We then got to go to the lecture theatre and watch a lung and liver dissection. We were amazed how different both organs were to see and feel.


What a great start to our topic! 

Pre-Learning Shout-Out! 


Why not get yourself immersed into our topic early?

What do you know about the heart?

What are the names of the parts and what role do they all play?

See if you can improve your Scientific vocabulary!


Do you know what your heart does in your body and how it does it? 


Why not pop down to your local butchers and see what a heart actually looks like!


Our first bit of Maths learning in Term 3 is all about coordinates. Are you able to read coordinates of a shape or point?

Do you know what an axis is? Or a quadrant? 

What does it mean to translate?

How would you reflect a shape? 

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